Indian Railway: Swachh Bharat Mission- Annual Action Plan

Indian Railway: Swachh Bharat Mission- Annual Action Plan

Annual Action Plan for the Year 2014-15

• In terms of the mega-initiatives taken by Zonal Railways under the Swachh Bharat Mission, regular events on cleanliness are to be organized, including periodic cleanliness drives.

• All aspects of the campaign shall be continued including tree plantation, removal of encroachments, painting of road kerbs, clearing posters, repairing street lights, improving drainage, improving signage, whitewashing of buildings etc. shall be continued.

• Focus on clean and hygienic toilets and in particular those located at railway stations.

• Main sources of garbage generation should be identified at stations and station specific solutions should be put in place.

• Dust bins should be provided at all locations in the stations and the public should be advised and encouraged to use the same. Garbage generated by vendors/stalls/catering units should be promptly disposed off by the stall/unit holders into the earmarked refuse bins.

• Under this mission it shall be ensured that stations, tracks, colonies and offices are maintained in a clean and hygienic condition.

• There will be sustained ‘Public Awareness Campaign’ to promote Swachh Bharat Mission.
• Campaign should also include action under the Railway’s anti-littering rules of 2012.

• More and more mechanized cleaning gadgets will be introduced along with better types of cleaning agents. Periodic contracts for rag picking and garbage disposal to be awarded.

• More and more toilets will be brought under the purview of ‘Pay & Use’ toilets.

• Regular inspections to be conducted at various levels viz. GMs, DRMS, SIGs (Service Improvement Groups) and at other Officers level to check the standard of cleanliness. During these inspections, deficiencies if noticed in various areas such as drainage, availability of dustbin, sewerage, water supply, washable apron and garbage disposal, will be wiped out.

• Monitoring cleanliness through CCTV cameras installed at major stations.

• An award to recognize the best efforts made by the zonal railways at stations towards the cause of cleanliness shall be introduced. Such an award shall be called “Swachh Station” award and shall be given on All India basis in each category of station.

In line with the above, the following action shall be taken:

(i) Each Zonal Railway shall prepare a division-wise Action Plan which shall indicate the mechanism of cleaning (departmental or outsourced) and the frequency prescribed for cleaning at each station.

(ii) Mechanism for monitoring cleanliness at the station along with the inspection schedule at the station where the monitoring shall be done through CCTVs.

(iii) At all ‘A-1″ category stations under the cleanliness contract, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) prescribing measurement of cleanliness shall be gradually introduced. A sample SLA may be obtained from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

(iv) The divisions shall upload photographs of cleanliness drives to the website at a specified periodicity.

(v) Zonal Railways shall indicate the Action Plan, allocation of assessed funds for cleanliness drives for implementing the Swachh Bharat Mission.

(vi) Each division should identify vulnerable areas between stations for clearing encroachment and dumping of wastes and shall take coordinated action with local bodies. The RPF in coordination with GRP should ensure that trespassing is checked to prevent dumping of wastes in the railway area.

(vii) The mechanism of cleaning of trains under OBHS, CTS, etc., should be laid down clearly.

(viii) Public awareness campaign and public education campaign should be carried out on a regular basis. Apart from the media available with the railways, such as public announcement system, CCTVs, advertisement space at stations, etc., division should also issue press releases in the newspapers. Interviews to press and media by senior officers should be given to ensure adequate coverage of the action taken.

(ix) Use of social media should also be made to interact with the public and seeking their support on the endeavour of Indian Railways in the Swachh Bharat Mission.

(x) The progress of the Swachh Bharat Mission should be monitored on a daily basis by the ADRMs at the divisional and AGM at the Zonal level. Monthly reports should be sent to Railway Board.


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