Indian Railway Decides to Continue Facilitator Scheme

The Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) were introduced to facilitate passengers in getting unreserved tickets without manual intervention. In the initial phase, to popularise the use of smart cards and to make the general public accustomed to using the ATVMs, the scheme for Facilitators was introduced. Initially, instructions for engaging facilitators on Central & Western Railway were issued and subsequently all zonal Railways were allowed to engage facilitators. Thereafter, the scheme has been reviewed from time to time and extensions were given on annual basis. The last extension has been given upto 31.03.2016.

This issue has been examined again and based on the feedback received from zonal Railways a decision to continue with the scheme up to 31.03.2017 has been taken. It has, however, been decided that on those zonal Railways where this concept was introduced in 2011-12, this scheme will not be extended beyond 31-03-2017. It has also been stipulated that ATVMs shall be earmarked on rotational basis to facilitators and general public. This has been done keeping in view the complaints that the machines of facilitators function properly whereas those for general public remain out of order.


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