Implementation of Digital Life Certificate Programme i.r.o. Defence civilians and Defence civilian pensioners

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Central Command)
Cariappa Road, Cantt., Lucknow,
No. PT/3088/DLCP/Vol-I
Date:- 26 /10/2015
1) The Area Accounts (CC)
2) The Area Accounts Office (CC)
3) All Ao GE
4) AAO/SO(A)
Pay I,II,III(Local)

Sub: – Implementation of “Digital Life Certificate Programme”-regarding.

Ref: – HQrs Office letter AT/ II / 2666 / NDA-X dated 24/04/2015.
To implement the Digital Life Certificate Programme in respect of Defence civilians and Defence civilian pensioners, it is necessary to get all the pensioners enrolled for Aadhar Card.
It is therefore requested to obtain confirmation from the formations / units whether Defence civilians under their juridictions have been enrolled for Aadhar Card.Please get the data from the units under your jurisdiction and a weakly report may be submitted showing total number of employees, number of employees enrolled and also advise them to get 100% employee enrolled with UIDAI for Aadhar .Similar procedure may be adopted for pensioners under their jurisdiction.
Desired information may please be forwarded to this office by speed-post/ return fax immediately, to enable this office to submit the information to CDA (IDS) who is a Nodal Office to act as a registrar with UIDAI.
Sr.Accounts Officer (PT)

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