Government announced the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) rules for easy settlement of the LTC claims.

The amended Office Memorandum No.31011/3/2015-Estt(A.IV) seek to ease the procedural difficulties faced by government employees while applying for and settling LTC claims.

Setting outer time-limits for various LTC procedures, the DoPT today said leave or sanction of LTC leave advance would take no more than five days each. This would be extendable by three days where the government employee is away for the headquarters.

Besides, the administration will take no more than 10 days (13 where the employee is away from headquarters) to verify LTC claims after the LTC bill is submitted by the government employee.

The government also proposes to allow its employees to self-certify their proposed LTC journey. Under existing CCS (LTC) Rules, government employees are required to inform their controlling officer before the journey on LTC is to be undertaken.

Also, whenever a government employee applies for LTC, he /she may be provided with a copy of the guidelines to be followed while availing of the concession.

A government servant is allowed to avail of LTC once in a block of two years to visit his/her hometown, while LTC to any place in India can be availed once in a four-year block. If not availed during these blocks, the LTC may also be availed in the first year of the following block.

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