Good news for NPS employees

NPS employees

NPS Employees

 * Winning staff case in Supreme Court on old pension restoration *

In the case of old pension reinstatement, NPS employees today won a grand victory in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the employees’ old pension scheme. In the favor of the old pension, in favor of the employees and the Indian government respectively, the Supreme Court concluded that the new pension scheme is not in the interest of the employees.The court ruled that, on the basis of the cancellation of the old pension from April 1, 2004, the government had enforced the NPS was wrong. Employees should be given all the benefits of old pension from the date of their appointment. The court rejected all the arguments in favor of the government’s NPS and all the provisions of the financial system in implementing the old pension scheme of the government.

With this judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court, the country’s pensioners have received gravitational force in their struggle and judicial lobbying.

Satyameva Jayate :

Dr. Vinod Tripathi, District Head Special B.T.C. Teacher Welfare Association, U.P.


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