Fraudulent LTC Claims – CGDAOrder

Fraudulent LTC Claims – CGDAOrder

Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt-110010


Dated: 12/08/2014

P C of A(Fys) Kolkata

Subject: Fraudulent LTC Claims.

In line with the instructions issued by AT-IV Section of this HQrs vide circular No. AT/IV/4462/LTC-fraud dated 6/08/2014, in connection with disclosure of fraudulent LTC claims in lieu of journey undertaken by Defence Personnel and civilians to J&K in lieu of home town under the relaxation extended by government under DoP&T orders, all PCsDA/CsDA are here by requested to be extremely vigilant in processing the LTC Claims preferred by DAD Personnel on account of LTC to J&K in lieu of hometown /AI LTC. Some of the salient deviations observed in audit while processing the claims are listed below for guidance:

(a) Forged e-tickets have been found enclosed with the claims wherein the amount claimed were more than double the actual cost of tickets when confirm from the airlines.

(b) The tickets were purchased from unauthorized travel agents in violation to prevailing orders.

(c) As on date only Air India issues air tickets under LTC-80 scheme, however it has been observed that “LTC-80” was mentioned in forged private airlines tickets, specially in J&K Sector.

d) Availing package/cash back facility with LTC-80 tickets have been issued by private airlines and forging the entire expenditure as cost of tickets by keeping the same less than LTC-80 fares.



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