Five Year Action Plan on “Swachh Bharat Mission”

Five Year Action Plan on “Swachh Bharat Mission”

• The ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ which waS launched on 2nd October 2014 should be sustained in a vigorous manner to achieve the goals set for the year 2019.
• Development of adequate infrastructur~ like washable aprons, waste disposal system, effluent treatment plants, sewer lines/septic tanks and amenities such as platform surface, circulating area favourable to mechanized cleaning
• Development of modern tools, plants and equipments for platform surfaces and circulating area and drainage. At all “A-i” and “A” category stations adequate number of dustbins, segragated for biodegradable and nonbiodegradable garbage shall be provided.

• Regular awarding of contracts i.e. rag picking, garbage disposal, pest control and one time, cleaning contracts.

• Periodic drives should be conducted at station to keep the momentum high. DRMs should be advised to participate in these drives so that a spirit of ownership of the campaign in generated.

• In the next five years regular events on cleanliness to be organized.

• Public awareness campaign should be continued through the various media available with IR including posters at stations and announcements through public address system. Campaign should also include action under the Railway’s anti-littering rules of 2012.

• Campaign should also include action under the Railway’s anti-littering rules of 2012.

• More and more mechanized cleaning gadgets will be introduced along with better types of cleaning agents. Periodic contracts for rag picking and garbage disposal to be awarded.

• More and more toilets will be brought under the purview of ‘Pay & Use’ toilets;

• Regular inspections to be conducted at various levels viz. GMs, DRMS, SIGs (Service Improvement Groups) and at other Officers level to check the standard of cleanliness. During these inspections, deficiencies if noticed in various areas such as drainage, availability of dustbin, sewerage, water supply, washable apron and garbage disposal, will be wiped out.

• Monitoring cleanliness through CCTV cameras installed at major stations .

• An award to recognize the best efforts made by the zonal railways at stations towards the cause of cleanliness shall be introduced. Such an award shall be called “Swachh Station” award and shall be given on All India basis in each category of station.

In line with the above, the following action shall be taken:

(i) Each Zonal Railway shall prepare a division-wise Action Plan which shall indicate the mechanism of cleaning (departmental or outsourced) and the frequency prescribed for cleaning at each station.

• SIG inspections report and feedback from the public should value and acted upon immediately.

• All newly manufactured coaches by the coach Production Units shall be compulsorily fitted with Bio-toilets before they are turned out by 2016-17 and all existing in-service coaches running on Indian Railways shall be retrofitted with Bio-toilets by 2021-22.

• The focus of the five year plan shall be on developing cleanliness oriented infrastructure and system improvements for sustainable cleanliness.

• Zonal Railways and Production Units shall formulate five-year plans indicating allocations of funds to bring about a radical change in the public perception about the cleanliness orientation of Indian Railways at all locations, particularly the customer interface areas namely, stations, trains, offices, etc.

Source: Indian Railways

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