Extend Full Support and solidarity to the struggle of Defence Employees for Existence

Extend Full Support and solidarity to the struggle of Defence Employees for Existence.

Hon’be Defence Minister Sri Arun Jaitley has taken decision to outsource 143 products to PRIVATE SECTOR which are being at present manufactured by ordnance factories of Govt of India. Accordingly Defence Ministry has issued orders on 27.04.2017. On implementation of the above major policy decision of the Defence Ministry ,the job of almost 20000 (twenty thousand) defence civilian employees of ordnance factories involved in the production of these 143 products will be at stake. Jobs which are now performed by dedicated ordnance factory workers for years together are being snatched and given to private sector. As a result defence employees are facing serious threat to their job security.

Against the above decision of the BJP-led NDA Government , defence employees are organising series of agitational programmes including staying away from the work for one hour during the beginning hour of the duty on24th May 2017 and conducting demonstrations. Confederation National Secretariat calls upon all affiliate’s and COC’s to extend full support and solidarity to the struggle of the defence employees against privatisation and for job security. Leaders of the Confederation are requested to visit the leaders of ordance factory workers and All India Defence Employees Federation which is spearheading the struggle and convey our support in person .

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