Exploitation of passengers by airlines

Exploitation of passengers by airlines

The statement was given in the Rajya Sabha in reply to starred question by the Minister of Civil Aviation Shri.Ajit Singh on 4.12.2012 regarding exploitation of passengers by Airlines.

The airfares are not regulated by the Government and the airlines follow dynamic airfare policy.

They offer different fare buckets for each flight. The fare-buckets vary from flight to flight. The airfares are dynamic and they increase with the increase in demand for seats. From September, 2012 the scheduled domestic airlines have introduced a lowest fare bucket for advance purchase.

Scheduled domestic airlines have been asked to display established tariff route-wise and fare category-wise on monthly basis and also to notify noticeable changes to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) within 24 hrs. of affecting such a change. The intention behind the above directions is to keep the passengers informed of pricing pattern of airlines.

Further, DGCA also monitors tariff on specific sectors on regular basis.

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