Expected Pension / Family Pension Table in 7th Pay Commission

Expected Pension / Family Pension Table in 7th Pay Commission

Now, we have attempted to estimate 7th Pay Commission Pension for Central Government Pensioners and Railway Pensioners on the basis of 6th CPC Pension Fixation. Pensioners may please note that this is only an approximate estimation of pension based on the factors taken into account by Government while implementing 6th Pay Commission. So, if 7th Pay Commission adopts different set of principles for determining 7th Pay Commission pension then this estimation may not be correct. Also, due to non-availability of fitment table for 7th Pay Commission Pay revision as of now, 50% of minimum of 7th CPC pay band equivalent to pay scale in which pensioner retired which will be assured by every pay commission could not be calculated.


Government issued Office Memorandum F.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 01.09.2008 (Click here to read this OM), for implementing 6th CPC recommendations on revised Pension for Pre-2006 Pensioners and Family Pensioners. As per this OM, revised pension / Family Pension with effect from 01.01.2006 is worked out by adding together:

1. Pension / Family Pension and Dearness Pension / Family Pension as on 31.12.2005

2. Dearness Relief of 24% applicable as on 31.12.2005

3. Fitment weigtage at the rate of 40% of Pension / Family Pension as on 31.12.2005.


In addition to the above pension fixation method, as per Para 2 and 3 of OM F.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 28.01.2013, Pension has to be stepped up to 50% of the sum of minimum of the pay in the pay band plus the grade pay corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired as arrived at with reference to the fitment tables given in OM No.1/1/2008-IC dated 30th August 2008 (Fitment Table applicable to Central Government Employees for 6CPC revision)


In these lines, we have attempted here to estimate 7th Pay Commission Pension as follows

7th Pay Commission Pension / Family Pension will be the sum of following values.

1. Pension / Family pension as on 01.01.2016

2. Dearness Relief as on 01.01.2016 (Dearness Relief of 120% has been estimated as on 01.01.2016)

3. Fitment benefit of 40% on Pension / Family Pension as on 01.01.2016.


 In respect of Pensioners who retire before 01.01.2016, 7CPC Pension has been calculated as maximum of A and B detailed below:


A. Pension received as on January 2015 is merged with 120% DA as on 01.01.2016 and added with 40% of basic pension as on 01.01.2016 as fitment benefit

B. Revised Pension ordered for Pre-2006 Pensioners as per Department of Pension F.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 28.01.2013 (Click here to download this OM)

Pay Scale / Pay band wise 7th Pay Commission Pension and Family Pension in respect of Pre-2006 Pensioners (whose pension as on January 2015 is less than the minimum pension stipulated in revised concordance table as per OM dated 28.01.2013

Pay scale w.e.f.1.1.1986Post/ Grade and Pay scale w.e.f. 1.1.1996Corresponding 6th CPC Pay Bands and Grade PayPension= 50% of Sum of minimum pay in the pay band and grade pay/ minimum pay in the pay scale as per fitment tableFamily Pension = 30% of Sum of minimum pay in the pay band and grade pay/ minimum pay in the pay scale as per fitment table7th Pay CPC Pension (after merger of 120% Dearness Relief andaddition of 40% of pension as on 01.01.2016)7th Pay CPC Family Pension

(after merger of 120% Dearness Relief and

addition of 40% of pension

as on 01.01.2016)

750-12-870-14-9402550-55-2660-60-32004440-7440 GP -13003500350091009100
775-12-871-12-10252610-60-3150-65-35404440-7440 GP 14003500350091009100
775-12-871-14-955-15-1030-20-11502610-60-2910-65-3300-70-40004440-7440 GP 16003500350091009100
800-15-1010-20-11502650-65-3300-70-40004440-7440 GP 16503500350091009100
825-15-900-20-12002750-70-3800-75-44005200-20200 GP 18003665350095299100


3050-75-3950-80-45905200-20200 GP 190038903500101149100


3200-85-49005200-20200 GP 200040303500104789100



4000-100-60005200-20200 GP 240049203500127929100


4500-125-70005200-20200 GP 280055853500145219100


5000-150-80009300-34800 GP 4200675040501755010530
1640-60-2600-75-29005500-175-90009300-34800 GP 4200721543291875911255
2000-60-21206500-200-69009300-34800 GP 4200814548872117712706


6500-200-105009300-34800 GP 4200814548872117712706


7450-225-115009300-34800 GP 4600923055382399814399
2500-40007500-250-120009300-34800 GP 4800937556252437514625


8000-275-135009300-34800 GP 54001014060842636415818
2200-75-2800-100-40008000-275-13500 (Group A Entry)15600-39100 GP 54001050063002730016380
2630/- FIXED900015600-39100 GP 54001107066422878217269
2630-75-27809000-275-955015600-39100 GP 54001107066422878220132
3150-100-335010325-325-1097515600-39100 GP 66001290577433355320132



10000-325-1520015600-39100 GP 66001260075603276019656
3200-100-3700-125-470010650-325-1585015600-39100 GP 66001320579233433320600


12000-375-1650015600-39100 GP 76001496089763889623338
3950-125-4700-150-500012750-375-1650015600-39100 GP 76001566093964071624430
3700-125-4950-150-570012000-375-1800015600-39100 GP 76001496089763889623338


14300-400-1830037400-67000 GP 870023050138305993035958
4800-150-570015100-400-1830037400-67000 GP 870024195145176290737744


16400-450-2000037400-67000  GP 890024295145776316737900
5100-150-6300-200-670016400-450-2090037400-67000  GP 890024295145776316737900
4500-150-5700-200-730014300-450-2240037400-67000 GP 1000023700142206162036972


18400-500-2240037400-67000 GP 1000027350164107111042666
7300-200-7500-250-800022400-600-2600075500–80000 GP NIL37750226509815058890
7600/- FIXED 7600-100-800024050-650-2600075500–80000 GP NIL388832333010109660658
8000/- FIXED26000(FIXED)80000(FIXED) GP NIL400002400010400062400
9000/- FIXED30000(FIXED)90000(FIXED) GP NIL450002700011700070200

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