Expected DA from Jan 2016 – Last and A New Chapter Begins

Expected DA from Jan 2016 – Last and A New Chapter Begins

The last episode of “Expected DA from July 2015” is almost confirmed to hike by 6% and the official announcement is expected in the second week of next month.

‘The government usually announces additional dearness allowance for Central staff twice in a year from January and July, based on the price-fluctuation data of the previous six months.’

Central Government employees are currently being given a Dearness Allowance of 113%. With 6% DA almost conclusively assured from July 2015 onwards, official announcement is expected to be made during the cabinet meeting in the second week of next month. As soon as cabinet gives its nod, DA will be issued at 119% for the six months starting July 2015, up to December 2015.

Generally additional dearness allowance is being calculated only after releasing the Consumer Price Index for the previous six months. The price fluctuation data for the six months (July to December 2015) will be published by the Labour Bureau each month. Based on this AICPIN Points, a new another additional Dearness Allowance will be issued from January 2016.

The AICPIN points of December 2015, that is last month data will be announced only towards the end of January 2016. Only then will the Dearness Allowance from January 2016 will be calculated and it will be implemented after the cabinet gives its approval in March.

This will be the final dearness allowance based on the calculations prescribed by the 6th Central Pay Commission.

Just have a look the table is given below, the total Dearness Allowance given in their period of 5th and 6th Pay Commission…

5th CPC Additional DA Twice in a Year 6th CPC
0% 0%
4% 1st Year 2%
8% 6%
13% 2nd Year 9%
16% 12%
22% 3rd Year 16%
32% 22%
37% 4th Year 27%
38% 35%
41% 5th Year 45%
43% 51%
45% 6th Year 58%
49% 65%
52% 7th Year 72%
55% 80%
59% 8th Year 90%
61% 100%
DA Merger 9th Year No DA Merger
14% 107%
17% 113%
21% 10th Year 119%
24% (Expected) 125%
74% Total 125%
DA Merger + Points 125%

Source: www.cgstaffnews.in

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