Execution of e-leave management system

Execution of e-leave management system


Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Telecommunications
Sanchar Bhavan, 20 Ashoka Road, New Delhi — 110 001

Dated 15th July 2013

Sub: Implementation of e-leave management system.

IT Cell, DoT is requested to provide requisite guidelines/training to all officers/officials working in DoT(HQ) so that e-leave management system may be implemented completely. Requisite in-puts for this purpose have already been provided by Administration Wings to IT Cell. Staff of Admn. have also taken part in the training organized by IT Cell during month of June, 2013, however, being familiar with c-leave management system, mostly by Admn. Staff, does not serve the purpose of implementation of this system. IT Cell is, therefore, requested to organize training on c-leave management system for all employees of DoT (Hqrs).

Nirmala Dev
Under Secretary(Admin.II)

SOURCE: http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/DOC160713.pdf

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