Environmental issues in Indian Railway – Formation of Environment Directorate in Railway Board

Environmental issues in Indian Railway – Formation of Environment Directorate in Railway Board


No.20l5/ Environ/6/1

New Delhi dated 07.01.2015

GMs / Zonal Railways and Production Units,
CAO/DMW/Patiala and CAO/RWP/Bela

Sub: Environmental issues in IR – Formation of Environment Directorate in Railway Board.

In order to give an increased focus and thrust on Environmental issues handled in IR, an exclusive Directorate has been formed in Railway Board, headed by an Advisor, functioning directly under CRB. Executive Directors from Civil Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Traffic & Commercial, Finance and Efficiency & Research Directorates have been earmarked to be part of the Environment Directorate. This Directorate will monitor Zonal Railways and Production Units with regard to their performance on Environmental issues, particularly on:

(a) Pollution Control
(b) Efficiency in consumption of Energy
(c) Conservation of resources, particularly water
(d) Proper Lise of land including afforestation and
(e) Developrnent, production & use of alternative sources of energy.

2.0 In order to increase the focus and thrust on Environmental issues, following actions may kindly be taken.

i) Trend of consumption of Traction energy (Electrical and Diesel) to be monitored and figured along with comments as a regular item of the body of your MCDO.

ii) Audit & accreditation on Environment in major activity centres viz., workshops, depots/sheds and Railway stations, to be completed early in a time bound manner.

iii) Undertaking Audits on Energy and water consumption in the ‘A category’ consumption centres and ensuring completion of the same along with an action plan within the next 6 months.

iv) Introducing a system of user level (including stations) monitoring of consumption of all types of energy as well as water on a monthly basis, along with a trend analysis and Bench marking of consumption.

v) Identification of ongoing works having positive contribution towards Environment, taking forward the same for timely completion and realization of benefits.

vi) Annexing a report in the MCDO on trends/ developments on environmental issues, particularly with regard to items listed in (i) to (v) above, department wise, along with highlights if any, in the body of MCDO.

3.0 Compilation of reports periodically with regard to the environmental issues/actions as flagged above may be assigned to the Planning & Efficiency wing functioning in each Zonal Railway with actions to be coordinated by SDGIVl/AGM. In the case of PUs, this task may be assigned to the wing responsible for M&P maintenance.

4.0 Kindly send your reply tc this letter indicating actions being taken/ proposed by various departments on environmental issues, within a fortnight.

Advisor (Environment)
Railway Board

Source: Indian Railways

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