Enhanced Family Pension : No Change is being recommended by 7th CPC

Increasing the existing time period of seven years for enhanced family pension

The Commission has received representations seeking enhancement in the period of enhanced family pension from the existing seven years or 67 years, whichever is less, to ten years in case of death of retirees.

Analysis and Recommendations : The current rates of enhanced family pension are–

i. In the case of death in service: Payable to the family of a government servant for a period of ten years from the date of death of a government servant, without any upper age limit.

ii. In the case of death after retirement: Payable for a period of seven years or up to the date on which he would have attained 67 years had he survived, whichever is less.

The Commission notes that the revision with regard to period of eligibility for the enhanced family pension of ten years was made based on recommendations of the VI CPC Report. No further change is being recommended by this Commission.

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