Election of Delegates to Kendriya Bhandar



Elections for the Delegates of Kendriya Bhandar (CGECCS Ltd.) are to be held in
the third/fourth week of June 2017. The list of shareholders (members) is already placed and available on the website of this Department. This list is also available at the website of Kendriya Bhandar at www.kendrivabhandar.org.in and in the Head Office at Pushpa Bhawan, Madangir Road, New Delhi-110062.
2. All the eligible shareholders (members) were earlier requested through a Notice in
the newspaper and through website of this Department to verify their names in the list of voters. If any change was required to be made in the name, such request was to be addressed to Secretary, Kendriya Bhandar between 10.30 AM to 5.00 PM from
07.05.2017 to 13.05.2017 and the request for change was to be submitted along with
supporting document.
3. As per the decision of Executive Committee, the shareholders (members) enrolled
upto 31 st March, 2017 shall be eligible to vote in the election of delegates and the list of voters has to be prepared accordingly.
4. Only few requests have been received by the Kendriya Bhandar for change in name
etc. Therefore, it has been decided that one more opportunity which will be final
opportunity will be provided till 29th May 2017, for making requests for changes, if
any in the list.
4. The list of shareholders will be updated on the basis of requests received upto 29th
May, 2017 and election of the Delegates of the Society will be held on the basis of the final list so prepared. No request in this regard will be considered after 29th May, 2017. For any query/clarification, the shareholders may contact Mr. Mukesh Kumar (9212436282)/Mr.Sandeep Bawa (Mobile No.8802516868) or at the e-mail address

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India & Returning Officer

Election of Delegates

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