ECHS: Unlisted Lab Tests in Emergency

ECHS: Unlisted Lab Tests in Emergency



1. Our letter No B/49778/AG/ECHS/Policy dt 04 Mar 09.

2. Our letter No B/49778/AG/ECHS/PA/Ruling dt 28 Jun 11.

3. in continuation of the policy as per letter at Para 1 above henceforth for any unlisted  lab test advised by concerned specialist of empanelled hospital an Appx `A’ for unlisted procedures will be filled up and countersigned by the med specialist of non military ECHS Polyclinics for charges upto Rs. 5000/-.

4. If any unlisted lab test is advised by a service spl then the Appx `A’ will be filled up by the OIC Polyclinic with a remarks that the test has been advised by concerned service spl and a copy of the same will be attached with the Appx `A’ and the ECHS beneficiary will be referred to an empanelled facility.

5. The OIC Polyclinics will obtain a rate list from the empanelled laboratories for the unlisted tests and will refer the AFV to the empanelled facility charging the least rates for the unlisted lab investigation.

Dir (Med)
for MD

Auth :- B/49773/AG/ECHS/Rates/Policy dated 25 Sep 2013


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