Dr Jitendra Singh congratulates North Eastern States for successful implementation of GST

Dr Jitendra Singh congratulates North Eastern States for successful implementation of GST

The Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances, Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh today, congratulated all the eight North-Eastern States for successful implementation of GST and said, the North-Eastern States have set an example by being highly supportive right from the beginning of the GST exercise, in spite of several diversities, contradictions and constraints of the region. He commended the unassuming approach of the eight State Governments of different political parties as well as the various trade bodies and their representatives from the region, who, from time to time, came forward with their apprehensions and sought responses with an open mind, which paved the way for amicable solution to each of the issues related to GST roll-out in the region.

Speaking to Nagaland Minister for Roads & Bridges, designate in GST Council, Shri Y. Vikheho Swu, who called on him to discuss the arrangements post-roll-out of GST in the State, Dr Jitendra Singh had a word of praise for Nagaland, which happens to be one of the most peripheral Indian States with its immediate borders with foreign countries and with constant hassles emanating from topography, inadequate connectivity, transport limitations etc.

Shri Vikheho Swu gave a detailed resume of the manner in which everything was being managed smoothly following the GST roll-out on the midnight of June 30th and July 1st. He also wanted Dr Jitendra Singh to ensure that the All India Services officers engaged in implementation and management of GST should not be transferred or posted elsewhere for the time being.

Dr Jitendra Singh also had a word of praise for the literate approach and sagacious wisdom of the traders as well as consumers of North-Eastern region who were always open to reason. Citing an example, he said, when it was pointed out that some of the local handloom / handicraft products had come under the gambit of GST, even though these were tax-free earlier, the grievance got instantly resolved when it was explained that earlier, several of the taxes on raw material, etc., were embedded and hence not visible, whereas now it is only one tax, the GST, which is visible with no other invisible taxes, and hence the ultimate cost could remain the same or even less.

In the long run, Dr Jitendra Singh said that the GST will prove to be a blessing for the Northeast as it will offer the peripheral States an opportunity to grow side by side along with the more developed States of India.


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