DoPT -Central Government Employees with an option for work from home for 15 days per year


Central Government Employees with an option for work from home for 15 days per year

As a matter of policy, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) may provide the qualifying officers / staff with the opportunity for work from home for 15 days in a year.


The Expenditure Department may consider reimbursement of data uses for domestic officers and, if necessary, may issue separate guidelines in this regard, “said the draft guidelines.

It proposed an additional protocol for all matters relating to the VIP and Parliament which require utmost attention.

Therefore SMS alerts are sent to the next officer in the channel for all such receipts and files, “he said.

The draft guidelines specified that the ministries / departments concerned, which are not yet using the e-office module, should make “time-bound” efforts to incorporate it promptly in their secretariat, attached and subordinate offices.

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Roughly 75 ministries / departments are currently actively using e-office platforms, 57 of which have achieved more than 80 per cent of their work. E-office refers to the digitisation / computerisation of the work of the office.

“Secret papers / files” can not however be accessed from home when working.

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No classified information shall be handled via e-office according to the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Therefore, confidential files during work from home are not to be stored in e-office, “it said.

In consultation with Home Ministry, the NIC may evaluate the current security protocol for remote access to classified file / information, and recommend acceptable guidelines and standard operating procedures for handling classified information in e-office, the guidelines said.

Until the time confidential files are processed on standalone computers only as stated in the Manual of Office Procedure of the Central Secretariat (CSMOP),’ he said.

The Ministry of Personnel has said that the officers to whom official laptops are provided must ensure that they do the official work only in official device.

NIC must ensure its computers are well protected from malware and malicious websites. Officers working on their personal computers / lap tops will ensure that they install regular updates, run antivirus scans, block malicious sites, etc. with the help of NIC to ensure their device’s security against information theft, “the guidelines said.

Officers who operate from home need to be available on the phone according to their officers’ specifications and instructions, it said.

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To facilitate inter-ministerial consultations, there may be seamless exchange of files between ministries in e-office, the guidelines said.

The video conference facility of the NIC is used to arrange important meetings when working from home. Officers and staff will attend the meetings by activating the VC link sent to them by NIC at the formal meeting established. VCs shall also be used as far as possible in office environment to maintain social distancing during COVID 19 pandemic,” it said.

The NIC was asked to reinforce the VC to make it more facilitative.

“All office environment standards shall be adhered to by officials working from home while attending VC meetings,” the guidelines said.

“All central government departments were asked to send their comments by 21 May, in the absence of which the ministry / department would be presumed to comply with the proposed draft,” it said.

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