DoP – Revision in period of Induction training of PA-CO/ RO/ DO

DoP – Revision in period of Induction training of PA-CO/ RO/ DO

No: 01-64/2009-Trg. (Vol.III)
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Training Division)

Dak Bhawan. Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110001
Dated: 17.06.2019


Director, All PTCs
Assistant Director, RTC, Nashik

Subject: Revision in period of Induction training of PA-CO/ RO/ DO

In suppression of the instructions on the subject matter contained in the Division’s letter no.01-74/2009-Trg. dated 19-01-2015, it has been ordered by the Competent Authority that the Induction training of PA-CO/ RO/ DO will henceforth be of 4 weeks only, which will include three weeks of Institutional training at PTCs/ RTCs at the started course followed by one week of field attachment at the place of posting. A certificate of succesfull completion of field attachment is to be forwarded to PTCs/ RTCs by Circle concerned for each trainee, where these certificates will be kept on record before issuing certificate of successful completion of Induction training.

Probation and / or confirmation of such officials along-with PA-SBCO and PA-Foreign Posts will be governed as per instructions contained in Directorate letter no.37-47/ 2010- SPB-I dated 16-04-2015 and Training Division’s letter no.01-2/2010- Trg. dated 22-03-2017. Its is informed that Induction/In-service training of PA-Foreign Posts is proposed to be conducted at PTCs/ RTCs in near future.

Duration of such training, currently being conducted in the department, need not to be altered after issue of these instructions. PTCs/ RTCs are requested to issue suitable orders in respect of all such forthcoming training at their centre.

This has the approval of the competent authority.

(Priyanka Mishra)
ADG (Training)

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