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Defence Expenditure

07 MAR 2018

There has been a consistent increase in Defence Expenditure every year over previous year, as is brought out in the table below, providing the details for the last three years as well as the current year. Defence expenditure as a percentage of GDP is also given in the table below:

(Rs. in crore)

Year Defence Expenditure excluding Defence Pension Defence expenditure including Defence Pension GDP Defence Expenditure excluding Defence Pension as % of GDP Defence expenditure including Defence pension as % of GDP
2014-15 2,24,654 2,85,104 1,05,36,984 2.1 2.7
2015-16 2,33,682 2,93,920 1,13,81,002 2.05 2.58
2,66,795 3,54,621 1,21,89,854
2.18 2.9
2,79,004 3,74,004 1,67,84,679
1.66 2.2

This Ministry projects all the requirements posed by the Services to Ministry of Finance for favourable consideration. Ministry of Finance, being the Nodal Ministry for allocating funds to the Ministries, State Governments, etc. provides budget for Ministry of Defence taking into account resource envelope of the Government of India. The allocated funds are optimally and fully utilized towards operational requirements. However depending on the Budget allocation the schemes are reprioritized to ensure that urgent and critical capabilities are acquired without any compromise to operational preparedness of the Defence Services.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Shri Rajendra Agrawal in Lok Sabha today.


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