CSD: Volkswagen Car CSD Price list with effect from September 2017

Volkswagen Car CSD Rates – Post GST Price for Polo, Vento and Ameo


Volkswagen Car CSD Price list with effect from September 2017 has been published in CSD Official Website. The Canteen Stores Department has released the revised list of CSD rates for all the Polo, Vento and Ameo available in CSD after the GST is come into effect,. The Price of the Cars should be checked with the respective Dealers for buying selected Cars. These Four-Wheelers CSD Price list revised after the implementation of GST.


These rates will vary by Rs. 10,000/- (approximately) at various places across the country due to transportation charges, transit insurance charges etc. incurred by Car Companies.


The CSD Price List for Volkswagen Car are given below :

Volkswagen Car CSD Price List for Polo, Vento and Ameo

Sr No.IndexNomenclatureDepot Selling Price (Rs.)Depot
M/s Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd.
164302-IVolkswagen Polo 1.2 L (Petrol) Trendline( M)4,82,042DELHI
264250-KVolkswagen Polo 1.2L (Petrol) Comfortline (M)5,41,883DELHI
364251-XVolkswagen Polo 1.2L (Petrol) Highline6,12,276DELHI
464249-TVolkswagen Polo 1.2L (petrol) GT Tsi Automatic8,13,545DELHI
564253-DVolkswagen Polo 1.5L (Diesel) Comfortline (M)6,95,635DELHI
664254-EVolkswagen Polo 1.5L (Diesel) Highline7,48,448DELHI
764261-LVolkswagen Polo 1.6L( Petrol) Highline
864266-LVolkswagen AMEO 1.2 L( Petrol) Trendline(M)4,94,645DELHI
964262-XVolkswagen AMEO 1.2 L( Petrol) Comfortline(M)5,42,993DELHI
1064267-PVolkswagen AMEO 1.2 L ( Petrol) Highline6,33,423DELHI
1164301-HVolkswagen Ameo 1.5L(Diesel) Comfortline(M)6,99,834DELHI
1264727-EVolkswagen Ameo 1.5L(Diesel) Comfortline Automatic(M)8,16,885DELHI
1364255-LVolkswagen Ameo 1.5L(Diesel) Highline7,45,757DELHI
1464271-TVolkswagen Ameo 1.5L(Diesel) Highline Automatic8,80,569DELHI
1564258-IVolkswagen Vento 1.6L (Petrol) Comfortline (M)8,00,392DELHI
1664263-AVolkswagen Vento 1.2 L (Petrol) Comfortline AT9,25,898DELHI
1764264-DVolkswagen Vento 1.6L(Petrol) Highline MT8,71,996DELHI
1864270-SVolkswagen Vento 1.6 L(Petrol )HL Plus MT9,65,274DELHI
1964268-HVolkswagen Vento 1.2 L (Petrol) Tsi HL Automatic10,12,72DELHI
2064257-HVolkswagen Vento HL 1.2 L(Petrol) Tsi Plus Petrol ( AT)11,05,636DELHI
2164252-AVolkswagen Vento 1.5L(Diesel) Comfortline(M)9,42,018DELHI
2264303-SVolkswagen Vento 1.5L(Diesel) Comfortline AT10,51,350DELHI
2364269-IVolkswagen Vento 1.5L(Diesel) Highline10,21,166DELHI
2464272-KVolkswagen Vento 1.5 L( Diesel) HL Plus MT11,14,261DELHI
2564265-EVolkswagen Vento 1.5L (Diesel) Highline AT11,35,026DELHI
2664256-PVolkswagen Vento 1.5 L( Diesel) HL Plus AT12,28,122DELHI


The Volkswagen Polo, Vento and Ameo Car CSD prices are prior to increase in Cess as notified by GST Council on 09 September 2017.

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