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The web site of Canteen Stores Department is available at www.csdindia.gov.in

The web site provides the following facilities:

  • The consumer can get details of a product by either searching on the index No, Generic group type, gift scheme etc.
  • The price and other details of AFD items can be queried as per user requirement. The details of dealers can also be viewed.
  • The web site also caters for uploading of tender inquiry details of CSD works /contracts. The web site also provides provisions to down load the tender documents.
  • The web site also allows the viewers to browse the monthly bulletins and also download the same.
  • Provisions have also been made to download forms for new introduction, AFD application forms and other details.
  • Provision for login of URC with username & password will be made available in a phased manner at a later point of time.
  • Quality complaints, feedback and suggestion for new introduction can also be done through the web site.

CSD URC and Depot

Department of Canteen Stores (CSD) selling thousands of subsidy-rate items to Army personnel through Unit Run Canteen (URC Canteen). Maximum of 34 CSD Depot located in different locations across the world. Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, and Pathankot Depot are busy with the regular selling of various goods to military personnel and ex-servicemen.

Army canteen price list 2020

CSD Canteen Price Available List 2020

Toileteries [GROUP 1]Household requisites [GROUP 2]General items [GROUP 3]Watches & stationery [GROUP 4]l
Liquor [GROUP 5]Food & medicines [GROUP 6]AFD [GROUP 7]

QUESTIONS Frequently Asked (FAQ)

Can I buy all models of AFD-I products (TV, fridge, AC etc) via CSD Depots?

No, only CSD-listed models are available over CSD.

Yesterday we launched a new concept for the bike / car / television / refrigerator. May I buy it over CSD? If not, how long does it take for the item to be made available via CSD?

All products sold in CSD stores undergo a comprehensive assessment process to ensure quality and pricing is optimum. Unfortunately, that means that newly launched products will not be available immediately via CSD. The item will also be available in CSD stores after a minimum duration of 3 to 4 months.

How long will I buy a new TV / fridge / washing machine etc?

All consumers of CSD can purchase those products once every three years.

I am an Ex-Serviceman-am I eligible to purchase a 4 wheeler via CSD?

Yes, under some circumstances CSD accepts the patronage of ex-servicemen

What are the requirements for buying a 4 wheeler from CSD?

Purchasing a 4 wheeler via CSD must meet the following conditions:


CategoryCubic CapacityFrequency
a. Officers (Incl Retd)Upto 3000 ccOnce in Four Years
b. JCOs granted Honorary Commission & Equivalent (Incl Retd)Upto 2500 ccOnce in Seven Years
c. JCOs & Equivalent (Incl Retd)Upto 2000 ccOnce in Service & Once after Retirement. First Car after Ten Years of Service. Gap Between purchase of Two Cars to be ten years.
d. OR & Equivalent (Incl Retd)Upto 1800 ccOnce in Service & Once after Retirement. First Car after Ten Years of Service. Gap Between purchase of Two Cars to be ten years.
e. Civilians Officers of MoD paid out of Defence Estimates and Officers of CSD (Grade Pay Rs.6600/- and above)Upto 1800 ccOnce in Four Yea

Do all the military personnel have the right to purchase 2 wheelers?

Yes, CSD provides TWO wheelers for every Armed Forces group. However, you can only buy a TWO wheeler every three years.

Do I need any special sanctions for buying a Two wheeler or Four wheeler?

If so, how do I get those? No restriction has been imposed on the purchasing of two wheelers, for the convenience of the CSD user. CSD’s centralized car approval w.e.f. 20th July 2015 has been discontinued.

Why does different CSD depots have different cost for the same item?

Unfortunately, due to varying tax systems in various states, CSD is unable to keep costs constant across the country.

Are tax benefits available in all States for CSD customers?

Sadly, not all states offer tax incentives. Many states gave absolute exemption while others gave many concessions.

What states offer full VAT tax exemption?

The states of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh granted full tax exemption to CSD while the Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh etc. granted some tax concessions.

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CSD Holidays and Timings

All Depot canteen office hours usually 9 am to 5.30 pm. But customer handling on AFD products can adjust the working hour according to the respective Depot. URC canteen working hours have varied according to the respective canteen management.

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