Correct entries in manual PPO Booklet to avoid duplicity in NPS cases

NPS pension cases


Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
O/o Controller General of Accounts
Central Pension Accounting Office
Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi – 110066

No. CPAO/IT & Tech/ NPS Procedure/22 Vol. IV/ 5690/2021-22/191

Date: 14.02.2022


Subject: Correct entries in manual PPO Booklet to avoid duplicity in NPS cases – Reg.

It has been reported that in cases where multiple Pay and Accounts Officers (PAOs) are working in pension module to process pension cases, same Provisional Pension Payment Order (PPPO) number is sometimes being allotted to more than one NPS pensioner. Such cases only come to notice during processing of the case in Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO).

2. The matter has been examined and it is observed that the error arises when PAOs are inadvertently entering different Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) and PPPO number in the manual PPPO Booklet from the details submitted in PFMS while generating the PPPO number for the individual. As e-PPOs are not generated for NPS cases the error is not caught and the details in the CPAO database are updated as per the physical booklet SO Submitted by the PAOs.

3. The error comes to light when the NPS case of another pensioner whose details have been inadvertently mentioned in the earlier physical booklet submitted by the PAO and captured in the CPAO database is received in CPAO.

4. Therefore, in order to avoid difficulties being faced by pensioners due to the late processing of pension cases, all the Pr. CCAs/CCAs /CAs (with independent charge) are hereby requested to direct their respective PAOs to diligently enter the data such as PRAN and PPPO number in both manual booklet and PFMS.

5. This issues with the approval of the Chief Controller (Pensions).

(N. Shravan Kumar)
Controller of Accounts

Download Manual PPO Booklet to avoid duplicity in NPS cases – CPAO

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