Circular to all Secretaries of GOI regarding In-service Training for the Year 2018-19


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel , Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Training Division
Block-IV, Old JNU Campus
New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110067

D.O. No. 12017/01/2018-TNP(S)

Dated: August 16, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you are aware Department of Personnel & Training arranges one week In-Service Training Programme for All India Service (IAS, IPS & IFoS). offices working under Central Staffing Scheme and officers or Central Secretariat Service (CSS)/ Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS) (DS/Sr. PPS and above level) every year.

2. The calendar for the In-Service Training Programme 2018-19 (First list) has been finalized and uploaded on the website of this Department at www.persmin.nic. in. I am also enclosing a copy of the training calendar for 2018-19 (First list). I request you that the calendar may kindly be circulated among the eligible officers requesting them to submit their options before commencement of the course. All eligible IAS Officers are required to give their willingness through the Intra IAS portal and all other officers through the proforma linked at IAS officers are requested to send mail mentioning their names. Allotment Year and Cadre to persinfotech@nic. in/ for Username/Password related queries.

3. All AIS (IAS, IPS and IFoS) officers with minimum 4 years of service and up to the rank of Secretary to the Government of India/Chief Secretary and equivalent. Group ‘A’ officers working under the Central Staffing Scheme in the Government of India and officers of CSS/CSSS (DS/Sr. PPS and above) are eligible to attend the aforesaid training programme.

4. It is also requested that the officers may be encouraged to opt for those training programmes which are relevant to their current job as well as the kind of assignments they are likely to hold in future.

5. I solicit your kind cooperation for the successful conduct of the training programmes by enabling wide publicity or the programmes amongst the officers and facilitating the attendance of a large number of officers in these programmes.

Yours sincerely,
(K Srinivas)

Secretaries to all Ministries/Departments of Govt of India (As per DoPT’s standard list)

List of Institutes for In-Service Training Calendar for the year 2018-19 (First List):-

Circular to all Secretaries of GOI regarding In-service Training for the Year 2018-19

The second lot of In -Service Training Programme is expec ted to be announced with in Four (4) weeks.

General Guidelines for In- Service Training Programmes for AIS Officers (IAS, IPS & IFoS), officers working under the Central Staffing Scheme. Cenlral Secretariat Service (CSS) and Central Secrewriat Stenographers Service (CSSS) Officers.

This is one-week In-Service Training Programmes for the year 2018-19 for AIS officers ( IAS, IPS & IFoS) officers working under the Central Staffing Scheme and Central Secretariat Service (CSS) and Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS) Officers.

2. Eligibility:

(a) AIS officers ( IAS, IPS & IFoS)
(b) Officers working under the Central Staffing Scheme in the Government of India.
with minimum of 4 years of Service up-to the rank of Secretary to the Govt. of India and Chief Secretary in the State Govt. and equivalent.
(c) Central Secretariat Service (CSS) and CentraI Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS) Officers of the level DS/ Sr. PPS and above.

3. All the training programmes are residential in nature. Accommodation facility will be provided to the participants by the trraining institutes who are organizing the training programme.

4. The IAS officers are required to apply on-line through the Intra IAS portal. All other Officers are required to apply through the prescribed proforma available with these guidelines after obtaining approval of the competent authority of the Department/ Ministry/ State
Government/ Cadre controlling authority concerned.

5. The Officers who are due for retirement may not be sponsored for the training programme scheduled in the month in which they are due to retire.

6. The Officers posted abroad are exempted from participation in the programme and their applications will not be considered.

7. The Officers are not allowed to apply or change options within 10 days of the commencement of an opted programme.

8. The Officers can attend only one In-Service Training Programme during 2018- 19.

Download: Application for In- Service Training, Programme for officers other than IAS for the year- 2018-19

Source: DoPT

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