Check list for sending proposals to DOPT for framing/amendment of Recruitment Rules

No.AB.14017/37/2012-Estt (RR) (6943)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
Room No.215-A/II, North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 28th January, 2013


Subject: Check list for sending proposals to DOPT for framing/amendment of Recruitment Rules.

The undersigned is directed to state that instructions on framing / amendment of Recruitment Rules prescribe that the proposal for framing / amendment Recruitment Rules for Groups ‘A’ & ‘B’ posts /services as approved by the Administrative Ministry / Departments should be referred to this Department in certain format (viz Annexure I to III) and accompanied with other documents / information, for consideration of this Department. It has been noticed that the proposals sent by the Ministry / Department are not complete in all respects and this Department has to return the proposal seeking further information/documents/clarification for considering the proposal. Further, this Department has taken a decision that proposals for framing/amendment/revision of RRs shall now be processed on-line only and after freezing the proposal by this Department, the physical file will be accepted for concurrence.
2. In order to facilitate easy and early concurrence on proposal for framing / amendment of Recruitment Rules, a check list to be used while sending such proposals to this Department is enclosed. It is requested that all proposals for frarning / amendment Recruitment Rules, being sent to this Department on file, must invariably accompany this Check list duly filled in.
3. Hindi Version will follow.
(Mukta Goel)

DOPT OM No. AB.14017/37/2012-Estt(RR)(6943) Dated 28.1.2013


1.Check list enclosedYES/NO/NA
2.Whether the proposal related to Group ‘A’ or ‘B’ postsYES/NO/NA
3.Whether there is any deviation from the guidelines on RRs in regard to the proposal related to Group ‘C’ postsYES/NO/NA
4.For RRs to be considered on line in case of the proposal related to Group ‘A’ or ‘B’ posts (excluding Service Rules):-YES/NO/NA
(a)Whether the Annexure I and Annexure II or Annexure III has been filled up completelyYES/NO/NA
(b)Whether Hierarchy chart has been filled upYES/NO/NA
(c)Whether the contact details of the officer forwarding the proposal has been givenYES/NO/NA
5.For RRs to be considered in file in case of the proposal related to Group ‘A’ or ‘B’ posts (excluding Service Rules):YES/NO/NA
(a)Whether the proposal has been sent on-line to DOPTYES/NO/NA
(b)Whether the proposal has been freezed by DOPT for sending the same on fileYES/NO/NA
(c)If the proposal sent on-line has been freezed, the copy of report in regard to Schedule (Annexure-I) and Annexure II or Annexure III, as the case may be, enclosedYES/NO/NA
6.For Service Rules:YES/NO/NA
(a)Schedule (Annexure-I) enclosedYES/NO/NA
(b)Annexure II, if it is case of framing of RRs, enclosedYES/NO/NA
(c)If yes, whether annexure-II is signedYES/NO/NA
(d)Annexure III, if it is a case of amendment of RRs, enclosedYES/NO/NA
(e)If yes, whether annexure-III is signedYES/NO/NA
7.In case post created or upgraded, order furnishedYES/NO/NA
8.IEn case post re-designated, order furnishedYES/NO/NA
9.In case of addition or abolition of posts, the Order sanctioning additional / new posts or abolition of posts enclosed.YES/NO/NA
10.Duties of posts furnishedYES/NO/NA
11.Hierarchy of chart along with pay band & Grade pay and method of recruitment furnished (both existing & proposed)YES/NO/NA
12.Whether initial constitution clause, where the RRs are framed for the first time and there are officer already holding the posts on regular basis, insertedYES/NO/NA
13.Whether the method of recruitment, prescribed by UPSC as one time method of recruitment in absence of RRs of post(s), intimatedYES/NO/NA
DOPT OM No. AB.14017/37/2012-Estt (RR)(6943) dated 28 .1.2013
14.Whether promotion proposedYES/NO/NA
15.If yes, whether Recruitment Rules for feeder posts enclosedYES/NO/NA
16.Whether other promotional channel available to feeder postYES/NO/NA
17.Whether successful completion of mandatory training in the relevant field included as a criteria for promotion to be considered by DPCYES/NO/NA
18.Whether Deputation has been proposedYES/NO/NA
19.1f yes, the field of Deputation is as per guidelinesYES/NO/NA
20.Whether short term contract also includedYES/NO/NA
21.Whether provision for Armed Forces Personnel madeYES/NO/NA
22.If yes, whether ranks of Armed Forces Personnel indicatedYES/NO/NA
23.Whether composite method has been proposedYES/NO/NA
24.1f yes, whether there is only I feeder grade post against 1 post in the higher grade.YES/NO/NA
25.Whether Direct Recruitment has been proposedYES/NO/NA
26.If yes, whether further promotional avenues available to direct recruitsYES/NO/NA
27.Whether Age limit for direct recruits prescribed is in orderYES/NO/NA
28.Whether provision for filling short term vacancies made in Recruitment Rules when Direct Recruitment is the only method proposedYES/NO/NA
29.Whether period of experience proposed is in orderYES/NO/NA
30.Whether Educational Qualifications for direct recruits apply to promotees (for Scientific and Technical posts in Senior Time Scales and above.YES/NO/NA
31.n case Educational Qualifications for direct recruits are proposed to be modified and are to be applied to promotees, whether safeguards provided for existing incumbentsYES/NO/NA
32.Whether standard note in relevant columns (No.6, 7, 10 & 11 of the Schedule i.e. Annexure I) enclosedYES/NO/NA
33.Composition of separate Departmental Promotional Committee for promotion and or confirmation intimatedYES/NO/NA
34.Whether the composition of DPC includes minimum number of officers and UPSC has been associated wherever prescribedYES/NO/NA
35.In case of amendment, whether copy of existing Recruitment Rules furnished.YES/NO/NA
36.Whether reasons for amendments specifiedYES/NO/NA
37.In case of framing of RRs, Order for creation of posts enclosed.YES/NO/NA


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