CGHS dispensary at Sahibabad, UP

CGHS dispensary at Sahibabad, UP

Record Note of discussion of Meeting of Cadre Restructuring Committee held on 22.02.2013 in Committee Room, 2nd Floor, Railway Board’s office.



Official Side Staff Side
Addl. Member(Staff)… …Chairman Sh.Umraomal Purohit Sh.Guman Singh
Adv.(Fin.) Sh.S.G.Mishra Sh.M. Raghavaiah
ED(IR) Sh.Rakhal Das Gupta Sh.R.P.Bhatnagar
EDPC-II Sh.N.Kanniah Sh.P.S.Suriyaparkasam
EDPC-I Sh.Ch.Sankara Rao Sh.B C Sharma
EDE(N) Sh.J.R. Bhosale Sh. J.G.Mahurkar
Sh. Taposh Mukherjee

1. AM(Staff), as Chairman of the Cadre Restructuring Committee, extended a hearty welcome to all members of the Cadre Restructuring Committee and introduced two new official side member joined as ED(IR) in place of Adv.(IR) and EDE(N). He advised that guidelines issued by DOP&T.MOF for in-house cadre restructuring of Group ‘C’ categories should be followed. He further stated that there are 2.41 lakh vacancies in Indian Railway out of which 1.30 lakh are being filled up. Railways can identify redundant categories and vacant posts in these non-safety categories can be considered for surrender against matching savings in the current cadre restructuring exercise.

2. The Staff Side also welcomed new members of Official Side. They pointed out that there has already been delay in issue of cadre restructuring orders. They stated that orders for cadre restructuring should be issued early and these orders may also be effective from the date of effect of orders of cadre restructuring of ALPs i.e. 01-05-2010. However, Official Side stated that implementation of cadre restructuring with retrospectively effect is not feasible due to surrender of posts against matching savings.

2.1 The Staff side reiterated that restructuring for Safety categories should be exempted from matching surrender in totality. However, they were apprised by Official Side about Board’s decision regarding cap of 10% as per which increase in percentages through cadre restructuring upto 10% in the apex scale of the safety category will be met through revenue (financial implications as per present DA rates @ 72% would be Rs. 121.10 Cr.) and increase beyond 10% would be offset by matching surrender of posts as in the case of non-safety categories as per standard norms of cadre restructuring.

3. After detailed discussions, keeping in view various aspects like cadre structure, feeding cadres, inter-grade ratio etc., the Committee recommended the revised percentage distribution of posts for the categories discussed during the meeting as under:

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