Central so far not set up the High Level Committee on Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula revision : Karnataka COC

Central has so far not set up the High Level Committee on Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula revision and other main demands of CG employees : Karnataka COC

Prepare for Strike

The meetings of allowances and standing committee of National JCM scheduled on 13th October 2016, has been postponed to 25th October 2016. It was expected that the recommendations of allowance committee will be made in October 2016 , with the postponement of meetings now we can expect in November 2016 the allowances committee will submit its report .

Meanwhile the Finance Ministry has issued orders on advances. The 7th CPC has recommend for abolition of all advances, the staff side JCM demanded retention of all advances , the some of the advances such as medical, computer and travelling allowances are retained, but the important festival advance is been abolished.

The Government has so far not set up the high level committee on minimum wage, fitment formula revision and other main demands of CG employees as assured by Cabinet Ministers in July 2016. Since four months time which was sought by the Cabinet Ministers is going to end shortly.

The Central Government has shown urgency in issuing orders on advances, but the same urgency is not shown in case of issue of orders on allowances and revision of minimum wage, fitment formula which will benefit lakhs of Central Government employees.

To put more pressure on the Central Government to accept the main demands of the Central Government employees all are requested to observe the following programs.

1st PHASE : 20th OCTOBER 2016 : THURSDAY
Demonstration at all centres/all office gates and forwarding of resolutions adopted on charter of demands to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India (2) Hon’ble Home Minister (3) Hon’ble Finance Minister and all Departmental heads.

2nd PHASE : 7th NOVEMBER 2016 : MONDAY
Mass dharna at all state capitals/important centres.

Massive Parliament March of not less than 20000 Central Government employees. Reserve your tickets immediately.

Date will be decided in consultation with other organisations.

Comradely yours

General Secretary

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