Need to convert Central Pay Commission into National Pay Commission

Need to convert Central Pay Commission into National Pay Commission

Dear Editor

The Central government has setup 7th Central Pay Commission for the reviewal & revision of Pay & Perks of its employees afresh. It has been observed that after 4th C.P.C the employees of most of the States demanded implementation of its recommendations in their favour. In J&K State, too, its recommendations were implemented in two phases in 1987 and 1992 though not fully. Similarly, 5th and 6th C.P.C’s recommendations too were implemented in a way that suited the then rulers in J&K State. Besides, the recommendations of CPCs do not accommodate the view point of employees organizations of States as such there has been a demand for implementation of CPCs recommendations as per Central pattern.
All J&K Low Paid Employees Federation headed by a veteran trade union leader Com. Abdul Majid Khan held the view the Pay structure should be based upon “Need based minimum wage” accepted in the 15th Indian Labour Conference held in 1957 chaired by the then Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and treating D.A as a deferred wage. This view has not been reflected in the recommendations of successive pay Commissions so far. With a view to restructure Pay & Perks on uniform basis there is thus justifiable need to convert 7th CPC into National Pay Commission so that state employees organizations too have an opportunity to represent their respective view point before it before the Pay commission formulate its recommendations.

—Krishan Singh,
A Pensioner of J&K State

Source: Kashmir Times

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