Central Government Employees: You will face consequences if you fail to perform

New Delhi: Central government has told government servants’ fraternity that they will face “consequences” if they fail performance of their duty.

Union Roads, Highways and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari issued this warning for delay in bureaucratic file pushing system.

Gadkari delivered this harsh message to central government employees in an interview with The Economic Times.

Gadkari strongly opposed the delay in file pushing system in central government offices.

In the interview he said that he had asked his officials to bring out a work tender last year but they didn’t do it for a year.

So, he told them that Modi government was the regime for high performance and they had to decide on their performance for running their jobs.

He said, “Earlier, officials were not answerable to anyone. We can’t allow investors to lose money because of delays on officials’ part. A country doesn’t work like that.”

He added, “If salary of any employee is delayed, how frustrating is it for him? So, if someone is investing Rs 2,000 crore and employees are delaying his file by three months how much money does the investor lose on interest. We are encouraging government employees who do good work. Government employees who are not working have to face consequences.”

The minister also confirmed that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has allowed him to get talent from outside for appointment the Chairman of Shipping Corporation of India and he asked a top executive from private sector who is drawing Rs 16 crore a year but government can’t pay more than Rs 30-40 lakhs for year.

The Minister tried to convince him that he should do this job for his country not for money. Accordingly, the process of salary negotiation with the top executive from outside for appointment of the Chairman of Shipping Corporation of India has started.

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