Central Government Employees will go on one day’s strike on 12.12.12

Central Government Employees will go on one day’s strike on 12.12.12

The Organising Secretary Mr.P.S.Prasad posted on the official blog of AICGWBEA regarding the matter of one day strike on 12.12.2012.

All General Secretaries/CEC Members

The Confederation of Central Government Employees has given the call for One day Strike on 12.12.12 in connection with 15 charter of demands. The AICGWBEA has endorsed the call of the Confederation of Central Government Employees.

The major demands include setting up of 7th CPC, rectification of anomalies, rectification of DA formula, grant of transport allowances for all field persons, revise tour ta/da etc.

Comrades the base year of DA formula has been changed from 1.1.2006 to 2001 index, this 2001 index has proved that instead of getting 175% DA we are receiving only 72% DA. Actual prices have risen by over 200% from past 6 years. This is because of the fact that faulty DA formula and wrong calculation of Consumer Price Index (CPI).The fixation of ratio between wholesale prices and retail prices as 1:1.2 instead of 1:1.6 as retail prices is more than 60% of the whole sale prices and also that prices are taken from rural post offices that is 60% less than urban places. for example if prices of kilo of rice is Rs 15 as per CPI as in rural post office, actual prices is Rs 35 per kilo of rice. hence the actual DA we are denied.

The Banks, LIC & PSU wages are revised every 5 years. Many of the allowances are not revised from past 15 years or so. even the 6th CPC pay anomalies are not rectified even after 6 years. Please click here more details

Hence it is high time that the AICGWBEA leaders take up the issues with members by calling the General Body Meeting and explain to them about the 15 charter of demands and on 19th November serve the strike notice to Head of Office.They should also participate rallys organised by local COC.

Comradely yours

Organasing Secretary

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