Central Government Employees all set for long Holi-Good Friday weekend


With a long holiday around Holi and Good Friday on March 24 and 25 combined with the weekend, central government employees are making plans for a 9-day vacation from their stressful lives.


The central government employees’ Holidays begin with the Holi and Good Friday festivals, which falls on Thursday and Friday. A Restricted Holiday on Wednesday with two days casual leave combined with Thursday-Friday can make it a 9 day break as Saturdays and Sundays are prefixed-Suffixed to the holidays. With schools closed on most of these holidays, it is easier for the employees to plan families trips.


According to travel industry insiders, most resorts and hotels in popular holiday destinations are already booked and those making last minute bookings are expected to feel the pinch of it.


“The bookings are full at most of our resorts, since it will be a long weekend and people prefer to plan well in advance during these,” said a spokesperson for state-owned Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC).


A four-day weekend that kicks off with Holi on March 24 or the coming Thursday, will also see bankers as Holi and Good Friday, which fall on Thursday and Friday. Fourth Saturday of the month adds to the holiday spirit, with Sunday.


Hotel tourism experts say that hectic work and busy schedules give people little window for well planned vacations and have prompted fast track travelers to embrace weekend getaways. Holidays, insiders say, have also become a get-together occasion for friends who are more comfortable with weekend huddles at a resort.


A co-founder of a well-known travel portal, states that people prefer to take 4 to 8 days breaks, rather than one or two long breaks.


Popular destinations like Goa, Srinagar, Leh and Thailand remain favourites, apart from beaches and hill stations closer home, including Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Alibaug and Bordi.


Vijay Khare, a central government employee in Delhi, has already done her bookings for Shillong. “I have planned this weekend for spending some quality time with my brother, sister and extended family. The rains in April in Shillong may enchant the trip,” says Khare.

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