Brief of the Full Board Meeting held on 22.07.2016 with the federations on Strike Charter of Demands -AIRF

Brief of the Full Board Meeting held on 22.07.2016 with the federations on Strike Charter of Demands -AIRF




Dated: July 23, 2016

The General Secretaries,

All Affiliated Unions,

Dear Comrades!

Sub: Brief of the Full Board Meeting held on 22.07.2016 with the federations on Strike Charter of Demands

1. Discussion between AIRF and Full Board on 21st and 22nd July, 2016 on the Railways issues, included in the Strike Charter of Demands.

(a) Manpower Planning

The issue will be discussed in the next PREM Meeting at the Railway Board’s level.

(b) Fixation of Minimum Wage

It has been decided that a committee would be appointed to decide the issue.

(c) National Pension System(NPS)


It has been decided that the matter of consideration of Minimum Guaranteed Pension and Family Pension would be referred to a committee.

On the instance of AIRF, Railway Board have agreed to pursue both the letters of 29.03.2014 and 20.11.2015, written by Hon’ble Railway Ministers, Shri Mallikarjun Kharge and Shri Suresh Prabhu, to the Hon’ble Finance Ministers. The same would be persuaded before the committee.

(d) Merger of Technician Gr. I and II for Technician Gr. I

Railway Board stated that, as per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance, no existing scale in the cadre can be dropped. After two days deliberations, it has been decided to restructure the cadre as follow:-

Existing % age of distribution Revised % age agreed
MCM/Sr. Technician 16 26
Technician Gr.I 44 51
Technician Gr.II 20 08
Technician Gr.III 20 15

Restructuring will take effect from 01.09.2016. This is a quantum jump, never happened before. Out of present 20% in Gr.III, only 15% will remain in Gr. III, and out of 20% in Gr. II, presently allotted, will be brought down to 8%. If we take both the cadres of Gr. III and H.S. Gr.I together, only 23% will remain in both Gr. III and Gr. II put together.

(e) Replacement of GP Rs.4600 by GP Rs.4800 and granting of Group `B’ status for the staff now in GP Rs.4600. Already a note in this regard has been sent by the Railway Board to Finance Ministry.

(f) Productivity-Linked Bonus(PLB)

Railway Board have already sent a letter to Finance Ministry to enhance the calculation of PLB from Rs.3500 to Rs.7000 w.e.f. 01.04.2014. It was also informed that a Cabinet Note in this regard also will be sent to the concerned ministry.

(g) The following issues were also discussed and under active consideration of the Railway Board:-

– Granting of Group `B’ status to all the staff in GP Rs.4600 or allotment of GP Rs.4800 to certain percentage of posts now in GP Rs.4600.

– Upgrading of LP/M&E to GP Rs.4600.

– Review of SPAD (without causing accident). All the Zonal Railway affiliates of the AIRF have been asked to send the number of SPAD cases, where punishment of Removal from Service/Compulsory Retirement has been inflicted.

Decision on the following recommendations of the 7 th CPC (decision to be taken by Ministry of Finance/DoP&T):-

– Granting of Special Allowance of Rs.2700 p.m. to all Track Maintainers.

– Granting of Special Allowance of Rs.5000 p.m. to all Controllers.

– Starting pay of ASM to Rs.4200 with change of designation to SM with 60% in GP Rs.4200 and 40% in GP Rs.4600.

– Higher grade posts to Radiographers and Lab. Technicians of Medical Deptt.

Dental Hygienist to be upgraded to GP Rs.4200.

– Granting of GP Rs.4800 to Lab. Supdt. and GP Rs.4600 to CMA (Medical Deptt.)

– Starting pay of Physiotherapist at GP Rs.4200.

– Entry Grade Pay of Dresser to be raised from GP Rs.1900 to GP Rs.2000.

Special Running Allowance of Rs.2250 pm for LP/M&E, Rs.1,125 pm. for LP/Passenger, Motorman and Guard/M&E, LP/Goods Rs.750 pm. DA on the same, including pensionery benefits.


– Stepping up of pay of seniors be allowed (as recommended).

– Employees in GP Rs.4800 to be upgraded to GP Rs.5400 on completion of 4 years of service.

(h) Fixation formula for pay of Running Staff

2.57+30% DA element on 1.25 DA element = 2.95 times.

(i) Orders on the acceptance of recommendations of 7th CPC

(j) On the issue of PPP and FDI, a separate meeting will be held with the MM & ML, Railway Board.

(k) The issues of absorption of Course Completed Act Apprentices and Quasi-Administrative Staff (working in Union and Federation Offices) in the Railways, a separate meeting will be held with the CRB & MS, Railway Board.

Yesterday, i.e. on 22.07.2016, the Ministry of Publicity, Deptt. of Finance, has cleared the proposal of fixation of pay in 7th CPC terms and sent it to the Comptroller & Auditor General of India for necessary vetting.

Please keep intensive organizational pressure on the government till all the issues are settled.

Yours faithfully,


(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

General Secretary

Source : AIRF

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