Bank Employees Announce Strike on 24.6.2015

Bank Employees Announce Strike on 24.6.2015

The Public Sector Bank Employees Union has proposed a one-day strike on the 24th of this month, demanding the fulfillment of their various demands. The All India Bank Employees Union has expressed its support for the strike.

Since State Bank of India and all its other associate banks, including the State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, the State Bank of Travancore, and the State Bank of Hyderabad, come under the Public Sector Bank Employees Union, the one-day strike is very likely to cripple money transactions on the day of the protests.


  • De-link Associate Banks from SBI
  • Do not curb trade union right of representation
  • Vacate attacks on trade union in SBBJ
  • Extend compassionate appointment scheme as per Government guidelines.
  • Increase quantum of staff housing loan.
  • Recruitment of sub staff and part time employees
  • Resolve pending demands
  • Do not impose SBI service condition and career progression in Associate Banks


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