Anubhav – Enter online your outstanding commendable work during your service through the software

Anubhav – The retiring employees of the Central Government who have done commendable outstanding work experience done during their Career can share their work. The department of pension & pensioners’ welfare is in the process of providing a platform for the retiring central government employees to showcase their  commendable work done during their service. It is envisaged that this would provide satisfaction to the retiring employee and also act as a motivator for serving employees. The retiring employee may submit a write-up, not more than 5000 words along with appropriate attachments and would be published in departmental website.

NO. 4/2/2014-P&PW(Coord)
Government  of India
Department  of Pension  & Pensioners  Welfare

Office  Memorandum

LokNayakBhawan,   Khan Market,
New Delhi, the  5th  March 2015

Subject  :”Anubhav”-  showcasing  outstanding  work done during  service• Submission  of details  by the retiring government  employee Software  application  regarding.

The undersigned  is directed  to refer to this Department’s  OM of even  number  dated

19.2.2015  on”Anubhav”   and  to  say  that  an online  system  has  been  developed   by the National  Informatics   Centre(NIC).   Instructions  for  use of this  application   by the  retiring employees,   Head  of  Offices/   Head  of  Departments   in  the  Ministries/   Departments   are enclosed  herewith.  These  instructions   may  be read  in conjunction   with the  OM referred to above.

2. You may log on to the application  by clicking on link “Anubhav” on  The login Id  and password  is given in attached  document.

3.  The form on “Anubhav”,  furnishing  the details  of the outstanding  work by the retiring employee  has also  been  modified  in consonance  with the software  application.     A copy of the revised “Anubhav”  form  is also enclosed.     This form  is to be submitted  along with form 5 of CCS (Pension)  Rules.

4.  The   instructions    may   be  circulated   appropriately    among   all  employees   of  the Ministry and   attached/    subordinate    offices   and   given   wide   publicity   to  encourage participation  in “Anubhav”  as this project  is being monitored  at the highest  levels.

5.     For any further  clarification  or feedback  please contact the undersigned.

(Tripti  P Gosh)


All Ministries/  Departments  of the Government  of India as per standard  list.

Copy to Prime Minister’s  Office for information.

Download Circular NO. 4/2/2014-P&PW(Coord) with instructions to use Anubhav Software

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