A new website for National Council JCM Staff Side

A new website for National Council JCM Staff Side 
The National Council Joint Consultative Machinery was formulated in order to present the demands of the central government employees to the Government and successfully negotiate with them to ensure their implementation.
Due to the efforts of the organization’s current Secretary, Mr. Siva Gopal Mishra, an exclusive official website for the employees of the National Council JCM Staff Side was launched. Although the website was launched last year, it has only now started gaining popularity among employees.
Creation of such official websites greatly diminishes the possibilities of rumours. These websites enable the dissemination of information to millions of employees in a very short time. It is also possible now for the employees to give their feedback on the news articles and latest developments, and share them with the rest of the world.
There is no doubt that these initiatives of the National Council JCM, to keep its members updated on its various activities via the internet, would receive tremendous response from one and all.

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