7th Pay Commission recommended to grant higher Grade Pay to ACIO-II and ACIO-I

Intelligence Bureau (IB) : Upgradation of posts of ACIO-II and ACIO-I

IB has demanded upgradation of the posts of ACIO I and II in the executive cadre as well as in other cadres on the ground that till the IV Pay Commission these posts in IB were in higher pay scales compared to Sub Inspectors and Inspectors in the CPMFs. The pay scale of ACIO-II was Rs. 1640-2900 as compared to pay scale of Rs. 1400-2300 of Sub Inspectors of CPMFs. Similarly, the pay scale of the posts of ACIO-I in IB was also higher than the pay scale of Inspectors in the CPMFs.

Consequent upon the implementation of the V CPC recommendations, the pay of ACIO-II and ACIO-I in IB was downgraded and brought at par with the pay scales of Sub Inspectors and Inspectors of CPMFs at Rs. 5500-9000 and Rs. 6500-10500 respectively. The VI CPC also maintained the same parity.

The justification given by IB is that duties performed by the ACIO-II and ACIO-I are not comparable with the duties performed by the Sub Inspectors and Inspectors of CPMFs as the responsibilities of IB are more sensitive as well as hazardous.

The upgradation in pay to ACIO-I and ACIO-II has been duly supported by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The fact that ACIO-I and II have multidimensional role to play in the organisation is also noted.

The grant of higher GP 4600 to ACIO-II and GP 4800 to ACIO-I is therefore being recommended by this Commission.

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