7th Pay Commission pay proposed – only 14.3% increase while 6CPC allowed 54% – NFIR

NJCA demands for fixing minimum pay of Central Government Employees at Rs.26,000. NFIR, one of the Railway Employees Associations which is a part of NJCA reports on representation made before 7th Pay Commission Implementation Cell and calls for the support of Central Government Employees for the all India Strike planned on 11th April 2016.

7th Pay Commission pay proposed – only 14.3% increase while 6CPC allowed 54% – NFIR

7th Pay Commission Latest News – 7th CPC proposed only 14.3% increase in pay while 6CPC allowed 54% – NFIR reports on NJCA’s demand before 7th pay commission implementation cell and ask for the support of all Central Government Employees for Indefinite Strike from 11th April 2016

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

No: II/95/Pt VIII

Dt:19th February, 2016


On the Invitation of Shri R.K. Chaturvedi, Convener, Implementation Cell, Ministry of Finance Dr M. Raghavaiah, Chairman/NJCA & GS/NFIR and Shri Guman Singh, Member/NJCA & President/NFIR representing Central Government Federations/Associations attended the meeting at North Block, New Delhi at 11.00AM on 19th February 2016 and explained NJCA’s 1 to 26 charter of demands with full justification for every demand.

The need for fixing the minimum wages at Rs 26,000/- and modifying the multiplying factor was explained in detail with full justification. The leaders drew the attention of Shri Chaturvedi to Page No 63 of 7th CPC which is as follows:

(in percent)

II CPC 14.2
III CPC 20.6
IV CPC 27.6
V CPC 31.0
VI CPC 54.0
VII CPC 14.3

It is clear from above that the pay rise is only 14.3% in 7th CPC, which is causing lot of resentment and unrest among 34 lakh Central Govt Employees belonging to Railways, Defence, Postal etc., Mr R.K. Chaturvedi assured to explain the views expressed by NJCA leaders to the Cabinet Secretary and stated that within 10-15 days a meeting between NJCA, Empowered Committee and the Implementation Cell will be held for further discussions.

The NJCA leaders made it ample clear that in the event of No Negotiated Settlement all the central government employees will be compelled to serve Strike Notice on 11th March 2016 and proceed on strike from 6.00AM on 11th April 2016.

As already decided by NJCA all the Central Govt Employees must prepare themselves for Indefinite Strike from 11th April 2016.

(Marri Raghavaiah)

Source: NFIR

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