7th Pay Commission has been given misleading facts about Allowances and pay elements of Railway staff – NFIR

7th Pay Commission has been given misleading facts about Allowances and pay elements of Railway staff – NFIR

Railway Board gave misleading facts to 7th Pay Commission claimed by Federation, this has been claimed by NFIR, Federation of Indian Railway employees.

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

No.IV/NFIR/7th CPC/Corres/Pt.V

Dated: 15/04/2015

The Secretary,
Seventh Central Pay Commission,
Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhawan,
IIFT, Block B(B-14/A)
Qutub Institutional Area,
New Delhi-110016


Sub: Information pertaining to Allowance payable to Officers/Staff of Railways – Para-wise views – reg.
Ref: Railway Board OM No. E (P&A) II-2014/Misc.3/7th CPC dated 20.10.2014.

Kindly refer our discussions on the subject of Pay Element and Running Allowances payable to Running Staff during the course of tendering oral evidence before 7th Pay Commission on 14th April, 2015.

We have explained in clear terms that the issues of Pay Element and Running Allowances have been dealt through bilateral negotiations between the Railway Ministry and Federations’ since the last several decades and hence the 7th CPC need not look into these aspects, although Railway Ministry has sent cetain details in this regard.

In this connection, the Federation furnishes below its comments on Railway Board’s OM dated 20/10/2014 for the appreciation of 7th CPC.

We also invite the kind attention of 7th CPC to the following minutes of PNM meeting of NFIR held with the Railway Board on 20th/21st December, 2014.

“NFIR PNM 8/2011: The staff side requested to withdraw the reference on Running allowances sent to 7th CPC as the Federation raised certain objections to the contents thereof”.

We therefore request the Hon’ble VII CPC to leave the Pay Element and Running Allowances subject to be dealt by Railway Ministry through discussions with the Federations.

Thanking You.

Yours sincerely
(Dr M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary/NFIR

Source: NFIR

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