7th CPC on revision of provisions regulating Pension/Gratuity/Commutation of Pension/Family Pension including pensionary awards

7th CPC

No. 1(7)/2014/D(Pen/Policy)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare,

New Delhi, 24th May, 2018

The Chief of the Army Staff
The Chief of the Naval Staff
The Chief of the Air Staff

Sub: Implementation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission on revision of provisions regulating Pension/Gratuity/Commutation of Pension/Family Pension including pensionary awards notified in terms of casualty pensionary awards Fixation of Pension of Commissioned Officers of Army Medical Corps/Army Dental Corps/Remount & Veterinary Corps retired during 1.12016 to 30.6.2017.


The undersigned is directed to refer to this Ministry’s letter No. 17(02)/2016/D(Pen/Pol) dated 4th September, 2017. In accordance with Para 4.1.1 of said letter, the emoluments reckoned for calculation of pension include Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) granted to Medical officers of Army Medical Corps /Army Dental Corps / Remount & Veterinary Corps.

2. For Medical Officers of Armed Forces who have retired from 1.12016 to 30.6.2017, their pension is based on emoluments which included NPA @ 25% of the pre-revised pay. Orders have been issued by Ministry of Defence vide letter No. 4(10)/2017/D(Med) dated 28th September,2017 for grant of NPA to serving medical officers @ 20% of basic pay w.e.f. 1.7.2017. Accordingly, the medical officers retired/retiring on or after 1.7.2017 are entitled to pension based on emoluments which include NPA at the rate of 20% of the revised basic pay.

3. The matter regarding revision of pension the Medical Officers of Armed Forces who retired during 1.12016 to 30.6.2017 based on revised rate of NPA has been examined by the Government. It has been decided that all kind of pension/family pension in respect of Medical officers of Armed Forces who retired/died during 1.12016 to 30.6.2017 and were drawing NPA at old rates on the date of retirement/death, shall be further revised w.e.f. 1.7.2017 by adding NPA @ 20% to the basic pay on the date of retirement. The fixation of pension/ family pension of retired Medical officers of AMC/ADC/RVC in the above manner, shall be further subject to the condition that emoluments (i.e. Basic Pay MSP + NPA) to be reckoned for pension do not exceed Rs. 2,37,500/- (Rupees two lakh thirty seven thousand and five hundred only). Amount of Gratuity and CVP which has already been notified, shall remain unchanged.

4. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence(F1nance/Pension) vide their ID No. 10(8)/2018/Fin.Pen dated 11.05.2018.

5. Hindi version will follow.

Yours faithfully,
(Manoj Sinha)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Source : DESW

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