16th March 2017 Strike Report – Karnataka COC

16th March 2017 Strike Report – Karnataka COC

16th March 2017 strike report

I thank one and all the Central Government Employees of the Karnataka State who are affiliated to the Confederation of CG employees for making the 16th March 2017 strike a grand success , the leaders of the affiliates were working for making this strike a success . The Central leaders Com KKK Kuttyji President Confederation of CG employees had been to the state of Karnataka many times , his valuable guidance has inspired us very much . I also thank Com Krishnanji Secretary General Confederation of CG employees for his valuable guidance in making 16th March 2017 strike a grand success.

The participation of employees in 16th March 2017 strike was very good in Karnataka state , apart from Bangalore CG employees in all districts of the state of Karnataka had participated in the strike , this time there was huge success , this is due to the success campaign by all leaders , it was a joint effort .

The strike in Postal was historic, many of the Post offices were locked and the strike participation was nearly 90%.

The participation in ITEF, AICGWBEA, RMS was near to 100%, In Survey of India, AG’s Census it was nearly 70%, Civil Accounts for the first time participated with 95% strike.

The media have given good coverage of the strike, the article and photos of the strike were taken and published in many newspapers in many parts of the state.

Com Tapen Senji Hon’ble Member of Rajya Sabha has raised our justified demands in the floor of the Rajya Sabha. On behalf of COC Karnataka I express my gratitude to Com Tapen Senji for taking up the issues.

I hope our demands gets attention of the Government, the promises made to our leaders by the Group of Ministers is kept up and your issues get resolved at the earliest. I once again thank all the employees and leaders for making this strike of 16th March 2017 a success.

Comradely yours

General Secretary


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